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If you keep them in a full coat they require daily brushing. Brushing is also a bonding process for the dog and their human. Trimming isn't necessary unless hair grows down over the eyes, in this case it should be trimmed to above eye level so the Doodle can see properly. Being a drop eared dog, ears should be cleaned once a week with an ear wash bought at your vets office. Nails should barley touch the floor if at all and be trimmed as necessary to keep them short. This is usually done if you take your dog to the groomers. I recommend a bath or visit to the groomers every 4 6 weeks depending on your family's lifestyle. We specifically breed and socialize our Goldendoodles with young children in mind. Our passion is raising puppies that do especially well in homes with young children. There is something so special about those memories created of growing up with your dog and the unconditional love they give. We start our puppies out with an excellent foundation for you to build on.

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Its stated mission is to promote and guide the development of the Goldendoodle to achieve a consistent standard for the “breed” in terms of coat, type, health and temperament.

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Date Title Description
December 1, 2010 f1 goldendoodle temperament Each of these coat types has its own distinct characteristics.
November 28, 2010 goldendoodle puppies md The coat seems to lighten with age, and the feathering can be white.
November 23, 2010 goldendoodle breeders minneapolis Tehya is doing really well, she's still unsure of him in the house but will happily take him for a walk.
November 21, 2010 goldendoodle mini for sale utah Their intelligence, remember since they are a hybrid between two of the most intelligent breeds eagerness to please, and love of learning make them very easy to train.

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Adele and Willy make gorgeous puppies!Since day 1 he has been super sweet, friendly and extremely intelligent. More…

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If I had more time and room, I'd get more!Oh. More…

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